Sell Your Home

Sell Your Triad Home

Rhino Realty of the Triad is a Greensboro-based real estate firm specializing in various types of real estate sales throughout the Triad.

It is our non-traditional approach to marketing and our commitment to developing trained sales professionals that gives us the competitive advantage that our clients are looking for. We have a “go-getter” mentality instead of a “hope they come to us” approach.

Our marketing technique is all about total immersion of the market. We tackle real estate sales from many angles. Today’s market demands contacting consumers and agents by phone, fax and internet. First and foremost, our objectives are designed to cater to YOU and YOUR goals. The real estate market is ever changing and we are here to guide you through every step of the selling process.

Our Mission

1. To attract as many qualified buyers as possible for your property until it is sold.
2. To effectively communicate the results of our marketing activities with you.
3. To work with you in negotiating the highest dollar value (price) between you and the buyer.
4. To give you the most professional service and leave you with a positive experience.

How quickly can you sell my property?

We would never guarantee an immediate sale, but our goal, as always, is to sell your property within a reasonable timeframe that procures the optimum price for your investment.

About Our Marketing Approach


Rhino Realty Triad has top internet exposure in the area. Your home is listed on several top real estate search sites on the Web, such as:,,, and more…
Our company website has been extensively optimized for incoming searches to the point that a major portion of the people searching for a new property in the Triad will come across our site. Plus, we have affiliated businesses in financing and rental management, as well as others, that drive additional buyer traffic our way.

Our site captures information on users so our agents can actively prospect them. We have systems in place to handle over 200 leads a day. We convert the leads to appointments by having our trained agents prospecting the leads on a daily basis.

MLS Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes that companies are making in today’s market is that they are not using leverage to their advantage. We know that 90% of sales will come from cooperating agents in the MLS. With statistics like this, we must look at this seriously and capitalize on the thousands of agents that are working with buyers.

1. Email Property Flyer Campaign to attract more broker participation
2. Prospect cooperating agents daily to promote your property and increase showings
3. Monthly promotion through company newsletter
4. Call all top producing agents in our MLS who have sold similar homes in the area

Prospect by Fax

Send a promotional piece to a minimum of 10 agents per day. This is done to raise awareness of our listings. In a 60 day period, we will have promoted your property to 600 local realtors.

Solicit Other Agents

1. We call agents in neighboring territories to participate in our referral program by creating incentives to refer their buyers to Rhino Realty.
2. We call agents throughout the Triad counties who have sold one or more homes similar to yours and offer referrals to solicit buyers.
3. We promote your property to the other agents in our office and give incentives when they bring a buyer.
4. We develop a list of features on your property for other agents to use with their potential buyers.

Active Lead Generation

In today’s market there are not enough leads walking through the door. We accept the responsibility of creating demand for your property and have assembled an effective lead generation staff ready to do so.

Our agents actively and aggressively prospect and follow up on all leads five days a week, for at least two hours.

1. List properties on Craigslist with a link to our Web sites.
2. Prospect people who rent properties like yours looking for those ready to make a purchase.
3. We promote your property to other owners in your community or building in hopes a friend or family member is looking to make a purchase in the same area.

Email Blasts

Weekly email blasts to top producing agents with a “Property of the Week.”
Blast the flyer of every new listing to a our every-growing database of people who are interested in the Triad area.

Communication is Success

1. We discuss pricing, condition and marketing prior to listing to make sure we create the right sales strategy for you and your property.
2. We are there every step of the way. We communicate a minimum of every two weeks to give you updates and activity reports.
3. We update you every time your property is shown and share the comments of the buyer and the other agent.
4. You will find out how the prospects feel about your price, the condition and more.
5. We update you when other properties sell and discuss repositioning.
6. We are always available via email and phone to answer your questions. We are quick to respond.

In Conclusion

Due to the above marketing strategies, we typically generate more leads in a week then a normal sales staff can handle. To assure proper conversion, we demand that our agents work full time and are available to talk to prospects 7 days per week. On a daily basis, we have 15-20 people making calls for 3 hours. This amounts to hundreds of contacts per day. These leads then get filtered to the appropriate properties.

We Employ:

1. Internet Leads
2. Investor lists
3. Move up and move down buyer lists
4. Buyer Call-In lists
5. Mortgage Call-In lists
5. RENTBO (Rent-by-owner) leads
6. Local Realtor calls promoting our inventory

Our team at Rhino Realty understands the current market and we have made the proper adjustments necessary to produce sales and create profits during these very challenging times.

We are committed to our client relationships and remain active throughout the entire process until your property is sold and closed. We request the opportunity to discuss your marketing needs and to demonstrate how we can get your property sold as quickly as possible while netting you the most money in your pocket!




I recently sold a house with Ashby… It could have been an insanely stressful process, but I felt 110% confident about working with him and the team at Rhino Realty. He negotiated like a champion – I sold my home the second week our listing went live. Really thankful that we contacted them. Amber ran the office at the time and she was crazy fast with answering my questions. If I win the lottery, I’m coming back to them. Hands down!


My husband & I have moved 6 times in the last 25 years. Obviously, we’ve dealt with many realtors both on the buying and selling side. I have to say that Rhino Realty is by far the BEST realtor we’ve ever worked with. The entire team’s professionalism, personality, attention to detail, responsiveness and ability to close the deal was really outstanding. If you are buying or selling a home, do yourselves a favor and hire the Rhino Realty team!!!!



We have been extremely pleased with your attentiveness, communication, honesty and advice throughout the entire process. Selling a house is a stressful occurrence for anyone and you have helped to make it as smooth as possible for us. We feel that you truly go beyond the general duties of a real estate agent with thorough follow ups, reporting and always being ‘on top’ of potential buyers.

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